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Garage Epoxy Floor Virginia

Garage Epoxy Floor
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Garage Epoxy Floor Virginia
Tired of a dusty, stained concrete garage floor? Want to increase the value of your home? Garage floor epoxy in Alexandria, VA is one of the best ways to update your garage and boost your home’s value.
Our epoxy garage floor installers create a high-performance epoxy surface for the ideal work surface whether you use your garage to work on your car, hobbies, or storage.
Garage epoxy can last up to 20 years and give you a professional and clean-looking garage floor that will make you the envy of the neighborhood. Want to learn more about updating your garage? Here’s what you should know about our epoxy garage floor coating service.
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What Is Garage Floor Epoxy?
Garage floor epoxy isn’t just a paint although you may see some paint advertised with some epoxy added for durability. Paint is always just paint; it isn’t a flooring solution. Epoxy is a thermosetting resin that is applied as a thick coat. Our epoxy flooring is made by mixing epoxy resin with a hardener. When these components are combined, they create a chemical reaction that makes the epoxy cure, not dry like paint. When epoxy cures, it creates a cross-linked polymer that allows the epoxy to resist damage for up to two decades.
Unlike paint, epoxy can resist chemicals, water, impact, scratches, and much more as a high-performance surface that’s up for even the most demanding challenges. Your new garage floor is an industrial-grade solution, not a mere coat of paint that will only last a season or two.
Garage Floor Epoxy
Benefits of Garage Epoxy in Alexandria, VA
There are many reasons that home mechanics and hobbyists in Alexandria, Leesburg, and elsewhere in Virginia opt for garage floor epoxy: it looks great and offers unparalleled performance. A garage epoxy coating creates a seamless, low-maintenance surface that lasts up to 20 years and resists all types of damage. Not sure how you can benefit from quality epoxy floor installation? Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by contacting our garage floor epoxy contractors.
Fast Instalation
Fast Installation
Our garage floor epoxy contractors in Leesburg and Alexandria take the time to prepare your concrete slab for your epoxy flooring and install your epoxy in a matter of one to two days. While we never cut corners, our expertise and equipment allow us to install seamless and industrial-grade epoxy flooring in no time.
Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance Surface
Your new garage floor epoxy is the ultimate in low maintenance flooring. Say goodbye to your dusty, stained garage floor. Your epoxy garage floor will be a seamless surface that’s easy to sweep, clean, and sanitize with a standard floor cleaner.
Long Lasting
DIY epoxy kits may only last a couple of years. We use only the best garage floor epoxy that can last up to 20 years without chips, cracks, or dullness. Our professional garage floor epoxy delivers the best results for a true investment in your home that can boost your home’s value and transform your garage into functional space.
Damage Resistant
Damage Resistant
Garage epoxy is highly resistant to most forms of damage. Your epoxy isn’t just a thin coat; we install epoxy that’s resistant to gas and oil stains, chemical spills, chips, impact damage, scratches, and more. You can drive your lawnmower or car over your garage floor epoxy without worry or drop tools without a care. Your floor will also resist water and maintain its pristine appearance for many years to come.
Custom Appearence
Custom Appearance
We install custom garage epoxy floors to bring your vision to life. Epoxy doesn’t need to be boring or bland. Do you envision a brilliant metallic epoxy garage floor that looks like a car showroom? What about the logo of your favorite sports team? Whatever you have in mind, we can bring it to life. The options are endless when it comes to epoxy with a wide variety of colors, patterns, and effects.
Garage Floor Epoxy Process
Our Garage Floor Epoxy Process
Our Alexandria, VA garage floor epoxy contractors have the expertise necessary to install epoxy garage floors that stand the test of time. We use a multi-step approach to ensure superior results. Unlike other epoxy contractors you may find in Virginia, we do not cut corners when it comes to concrete preparation to ensure flawless results that last. Here’s how we approach garage epoxy installation in Alexandria.
Primer Application
We typically apply multiple coats of primer and epoxy to your garage floor to build up the surface and ensure strong adhesion. After the surface is prepared, we will apply a primer to bind with the concrete surface and give subsequent layers of epoxy strong adhesion. We will also use a primer to work as a moisture barrier if we find that your garage has minor moisture issues.
Epoxy Coating
Once a primer has been applied, an epoxy base coat will be applied to your garage floor. A base coat in your primary chosen color will be added first followed by colored chips for texture and density. We can also add metallic chips to the garage epoxy if you want a metallic epoxy garage floor. The last step is adding a clear top coat to give your garage floor a glossy finish and depth
Surface Preparation
Proper preparation of the surface of your concrete floor is the most important step to ensure the epoxy adheres and your results last for many years. Our Alexandria, VA garage epoxy coating contractors begin by repairing damage and cracks in your concrete for seamless, smooth final results. We will degrease, lift, and scrub stains to prevent delamination of the epoxy coating.
When the surface of the concrete is clean, we will proceed with diamond grinding. This step is important because even a new concrete floor is not suitable for epoxy as it’s too smooth and the epoxy cannot adhere to a smooth surface. Grinding the concrete opens pores that allow the epoxy to adhere to the surface.
We love transforming dusty garages with high-performance garage epoxy in Alexandria, VA. Curious how garage floor epoxy works? Not sure if it’s within your budget? Have questions about the process? You’re in the right place! We are always just a phone call away. Here are some frequently asked questions we often here, but please call if you have any additional questions for us.
How is the garage floor surface prepared?
Proper preparation is the most important part of the epoxy floor process. We do not cut corners. Whether you have a decades-old concrete floor or brand-new concrete, preparation is still key for long-lasting garage epoxy.
The first step of preparing your concrete is treating and removing oil and other stains in the surface. We will use degreasers and other treatments to lift the stains. Cracks will also need to be filled and stabilized to ensure a smooth, flawless final result. The concrete must be swept completely and all debris must be removed from the surface for the epoxy to adhere to the concrete. Diamond grinding will be used to open millions of pores in the concrete and roughen the surface for the epoxy to bind correctly.
Our garage floor epoxy contractors will also check for any moisture issuers prior to installing your epoxy floor. If you have water issues in your garage, you may not be a good candidate for epoxy. The good news is there are ways to mitigate moisture issues. In many cases, certain primers can act as a moisture barrier for minor moisture problems.
How long can an epoxy floor last?
It’s a common misconception that garage floor epoxy does not last more than a year or two. This myth is propagated by DIT garage floor epoxy kits. These kits, combined with poor quality epoxy products and inexperienced installation, do result in garage epoxy that typically lasts for just one or two years. Professional garage floor epoxy, on the other hand, usually lasts for 15 to 20 years or even longer with proper maintenance.
The skill and experience of the contractors and the quality of the epoxy are the two greatest factors that influence how long your epoxy floor will last. It’s important to always choose qualified epoxy installers to ensure you get an epoxy garage floor that will last for at least 15 years. Our contractors have decades of experience specializing in epoxy installation with the training, expertise, and equipment necessary to deliver superior results.
Do you repair the cracks first?
Yes, it’s important to repair cracks prior to applying garage epoxy to ensure a flawless epoxy system. We typically repair cracks using epoxy, which cures quickly and does not shrink.