Epoxy Basement Flooring
Concerned about waterproofing your basement? Want a durable floor system to finish your basement that won’t be damaged by moisture concerns?
While there are many types of flooring that can be appropriate for a finished basement, few offer the unique perks you can enjoy with a basement epoxy coating in Virginia.
Basement epoxy is nearly waterproof, easy to clean, and incredibly durable. It’s also highly customizable with endless ways to get the look you want.
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    What Is an Epoxy Basement Floor?
    Epoxy is a liquid-applied floor system made from hardeners and resin. Basement epoxy doesn’t dry; it cures into an incredibly strong plastic-like material that bonds with the concrete floor. Before it’s installed, the concrete substrate is prepared with repairs and diamond grinding to open the pores, profile the surface, and facilitate a strong bond. After curing, epoxy becomes a robust floor system that can withstand even heavy abuse.
    Basement epoxy is a unique, nonporous floor system that isolates any spills on the surface. It’s almost impossible to stain or damage and it even protects your concrete from damage. One of the most important benefits of epoxy flooring in basements is it acts as a waterproof barrier to stop moisture from seeping through the concrete. It’s so durable and long-lasting that it’s frequently used in demanding settings like medical centers, schools, auto shops, and retail stores.
    Epoxy Flooring
    Enjoy a Beautiful, Waterproofed Basement
    Tired of your dark, damp basement? Basement concrete floor epoxy in Virginia is a cost-effective solution to not only address moisture problems but also give you a bright, colorful floor built for anything.
    Stop Moisture Damage