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Alexandria Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Alexandria Commercial Epoxy Flooring
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Alexandria Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Commercial flooring needs to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, harsh cleaning protocols, frequently dropped objects, and more — all while looking attractive.
Few flooring options meet these intense demands like commercial epoxy flooring in Alexandria, VA. As a local leader in ultra-strong and aesthetic commercial epoxy flooring solutions, we install custom epoxy solutions for all types of industries.
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Industries We Serve
A commercial epoxy floor coating in Alexandria can be a cost-effective and safe flooring solution for many types of industries. We install commercial epoxy flooring for the following and more:
  • Factories and other industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants
  • Educational facilities such as schools, colleges, gymnasiums, locker rooms, and daycares
  • Medical facilities such as hospitals, nursing facilities, doctor’s offices, dental offices, and operating rooms
  • Food industry including commercial kitchens, restaurants, and cafeterias
  • Auto shops
  • Retail industry
Commercial Epoxy Floor
Commercial Epoxy Flooring: Durable and High-Performance
Commercial concrete floor epoxy isn’t just a way to freshen the appearance of your commercial property: it also offers long-term protection for your concrete flooring. Depending on the needs for your facility, we offer a range of commercial epoxy resin coatings with special properties to protect your visitors, employees, and the concrete floor itself. Unlike other types of commercial flooring, epoxy flooring offers excellent durability, strength, and performance with decorative appeal and one of the lowest lifecycle costs available.
The following are the most important characteristics of commercial epoxy and how they benefit your business.
Commercial Epoxy floor
Resists Abrasion
Commercial epoxy flooring in Alexandria, VA offers superior wear properties to withstand abrasions, scratches, and scrapes from dropped objects and heavy traffic. This is an important consideration in many industries, including auto shops, healthcare facilities, and retail storefronts. By resisting abrasion and scratches, a commercial concrete epoxy coating maintains its clean, professional look for much longer than other flooring systems.
Industrial Epoxy Floor
Extreme Chemical Resistance
Epoxy flooring is frequently used in industrial applications for its excellent chemical resistance but this can also benefit a range of commercial industries, including auto stops, hospitals, and restaurants. Commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in Alexandria, VA withstands sugar, salt, vegetable oil, animal fats, and dairy products that can eat away at other flooring systems. Epoxy also withstands corrosive liquids, lubricants, gasoline, oil, and harsh cleaning products without deterioration.
Easy To Clean
Easy to Clean and Maintain
It isn’t enough for commercial flooring to withstand damage if it’s difficult to maintain. Fortunately, a commercial epoxy floor coating is the ultimate in low-care flooring for your property. Commercial epoxy resin can withstand even harsh cleaning protocols such as those used in hospitals and nursing facilities. With its seamless installation, there are no cracks or joints for debris and germs to hide. Cleaning an epoxy floor is as easy as using a broom and a mop with no polishing or waxing ever required.
Clean Floor
Seamless and Hygienic
A clean floor is important for any commercial property but hygiene is paramount in healthcare facilities and the food industry. This is why commercial epoxy resin is the top choice for operating theaters, hospitals, nursing homes, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, locker rooms, and more. Our commercial epoxy solutions are USDA-approved with a range of commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in Alexandria to maintain a safe, sanitary kitchen setting. These floors can also withstand harsh disinfectants and abrasive cleaners used in healthcare centers.
Special Coatings
Special Coatings
There are many specialized types of commercial concrete floor epoxy available. Depending on the type of business and the risks you face, we may recommend a special type of epoxy or topcoat. Anti-static epoxy can be used to protect sensitive electronics or potentially explosive materials from electrostatic discharge. Specialized epoxy can also be used to protect areas where forklifts are charged to protect against battery acid. For 24/7 operations or facilities that can’t afford downtime, we also offer quick installation formulations to transform your space with very little downtime at all.
Custom Appearance
Custom Appearance
Commercial flooring doesn’t need to be bland and gray. We offer limitless ways to customize your commercial epoxy flooring in Alexandria with different colors, textures, and patterns to complement your facility’s design and improve safety. Flake epoxy flooring is popular for medical facilities, stores, and many other industries as it has a decorative yet professional appearance. We can also incorporate text and logos for branding. For safety and to direct traffic flow, striping can be used to designate walking paths, work areas, or directions.
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Excellent Tensile Strength
Commercial epoxy bonds with the underlying concrete with excellent tensile strength to withstand even heavy loads while remaining flexible. Epoxy flooring is actually stronger than the concrete substrate to support heavy equipment, stored merchandise, and more.
Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Alexandria
Brightens Your Space
One of the unique benefits of commercial epoxy flooring in Alexandria, VA is its ability to add brightness to your commercial space. When you choose a light color, commercial epoxy can make your property warm and inviting. It can also improve visibility for working, reduce the need for extra light fixtures, and make it easy to spot objects on the floor.
Have questions about commercial epoxy flooring in Alexandria, VA? Need help choosing the right type of commercial epoxy resin for your facility? We are just a call away! Here are a few frequently asked questions we often hear from clients.
How durable are epoxy floors?
Commercial epoxy flooring is truly one of the most durable flooring options for any business. Epoxy resin comes in several grades with different durability ratings. 100% solid epoxy is always recommended for commercial properties for superior protection against chemicals and other hazards.
Along with excellent chemical and wear resistance, epoxy floors have a longer lifespan and lower lifecycle cost than most other floor types. A commercial concrete floor epoxy will also protect your concrete substrate from moisture, cracks, grease, and stains.
What are the benefits of epoxy flooring?
Commercial epoxy resin coatings offer dozens of benefits for any industry. This type of flooring is ultra durable and able to withstand even constant wear from foot traffic, rolling carts, heavy machinery and merchandise, spills, and heavy-duty cleaning chemicals. It resists damage from chemicals as well as abrasion, extreme cold, and heat. Epoxy floors are also seamless which makes them very easy to clean and maintain with no need to polish or wax the floor to maintain its bright, clean appearance.
A commercial concrete epoxy coating can also enhance the appearance of your business with customized colors and patterns. Depending on your industry, we can customize your commercial epoxy flooring with anti-slip additives, additional chemical resistance, and more for a long-term flooring solution that looks as great in five years as it does today.
How do you prep the floor prior to applying the epoxy system?
Surface preparation is essential to help the epoxy bond properly with the concrete floor. Your concrete should be free of stains, dust, liquid, and any damage before the epoxy is installed. We will remove any previous concrete coating unless your coating is compatible. Irregularities, uneven spots, and cracks — including joints — will be repaired to create a smooth surface. We will also use a diamond grinder to roughen the surface and open millions of tiny pores in the concrete for a superior bond.