Alexandria Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Commercial flooring needs to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, harsh cleaning protocols, frequently dropped objects, and more — all while looking attractive.
Few flooring options meet these intense demands like commercial epoxy flooring in Alexandria, VA. As a local leader in ultra-strong and aesthetic commercial epoxy flooring solutions, we install custom epoxy solutions for all types of industries.
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    Industries We Serve
    A commercial epoxy floor coating in Alexandria can be a cost-effective and safe flooring solution for many types of industries. We install commercial epoxy flooring for the following and more:
    • Factories and other industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants
    • Educational facilities such as schools, colleges, gymnasiums, locker rooms, and daycares
    • Medical facilities such as hospitals, nursing facilities, doctor’s offices, dental offices, and operating rooms
    • Food industry including commercial kitchens, restaurants, and cafeterias
    • Auto shops
    • Retail industry
    Commercial Epoxy Floor
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring: Durable and High-Performance
    Commercial concrete floor epoxy isn’t just a way to freshen the appearance of your commercial property: it also offers long-term protection for your concrete flooring. Depending on the needs for your facility, we offer a range of commercial epoxy resin coatings with special properties to protect your visitors, employees, and the concrete floor itself. Unlike other types of commercial flooring, epoxy flooring offers excellent durability, strength, and performance with decorative appeal and one of the lowest lifecycle costs available.
    The following are the most important characteristics of commercial epoxy and how they benefit your business.
    Commercial Epoxy floor
    Resists Abrasion
    Commercial epoxy flooring in Alexandria, VA offers superior wear properties to withstand abrasions, scratches, and scrapes from dropped objects and heavy traffic. This is an important consideration in many industries, including auto shops, healthcare facilities, and retail storefronts. By resisting abrasion and scratches, a commerci