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Alexandria Concrete Coatings

Alexandria Concrete Coatings
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Alexandria Concrete Coatings
Do you want to protect your concrete from damage, cracks, and stains? Or are you interested in completely transforming functional, gray, and boring concrete into something decorative and beautiful?
Our concrete coating service in Alexandria, VA is a cost-effective way to add color and visual interest to interior and exterior concrete while sealing the concrete surface against damage.
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Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings
Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings
Our high-performance concrete coatings in Alexandria, VA are the perfect solution for any commercial or industrial industry. We serve Alexandria clients in many industries, including warehouses, medical centers, factories, and retail stores with specialized industrial epoxy solutions. Unlike most flooring systems, epoxy can last a decade or longer in an industrial setting while withstanding heavy loads, vehicle traffic, corrosive chemicals, and spills without deteriorating.
Interior Concrete Floor Coatings
Our concrete floor epoxy coating systems can transform any interior concrete floor to create a slip-resistant, low-maintenance, and beautiful space. We serve homeowners and business owners in Alexandria with a range of concrete coating services. Whether you want to transform your garage or basement or you’re looking for commercial flooring with a low lifecycle cost, we can deliver an epoxy system with superior results.
Garage Concrete Coatings
Garage Concrete Coatings
A concrete epoxy coating creates a tough and durable garage floor that’s as attractive as it is hard-working. Our garage floor epoxy is designed to withstand oil, gas, heat, dropped tools, and wear and tear for a high-performance flooring solution. Whether you want a durable garage workshop or you are simply interested in a seamless and dust-free garage floor that’s easy to keep clean, our concrete floor coatings offer a great solution.
When properly installed, a concrete floor epoxy coating can last up to 20 years or even longer to improve your garage’s function and even improve your home’s value. You can say goodbye to oil stains, a dusty garage, and your unsightly garage floor for good. We can achieve the exact look you want with a huge array of colors, designs, and effects like metallic epoxy and decorative concrete coatings.
Basement Coatings
Basement Coatings
You don’t need to live with an uninviting and damp basement that’s barely suitable for storage. Our concrete coatings in Alexandria can transform a dark basement into a dry, bright space perfect for relaxing with friends and family.
Our concrete coatings work to prevent moisture from penetrating the concrete floor, ending basement dampness for good.
We can also create a long-lasting and attractive basement floor with decorative concrete coatings. With endless options in terms of color and patterns, you can update and waterproof your basement in one step to finally create usable square footage in your home.

Beautiful, affordable

Concrete Coatings
Concrete Coatings are a great way to transform your property for an affordable price.
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Exterior Concrete Floor Coatings
We offer a wide variety of concrete coatings in Alexandria for exterior concrete, including driveways, pool decks, and patios. Why settle for bland, gray, and stained concrete when you can enjoy an eye-catching decorative finish or a clean, stain-resistant coating that lasts?
Concrete Driveway Coatings
Concrete driveways may require less maintenance and come with a longer lifespan than asphalt, but they still take a beating over time. Commercial and residential driveways aren’t just subjected to heavy vehicular traffic; they also face rain, temperature changes, and oil and gas stains.
Concrete coatings can transform your driveway from bland, stained, and functional to stunning and unique with a “wow” factor. Our decorative concrete coatings are the perfect way to may a great first impression with commercial and residential properties. Our durable and long-lasting concrete driveway coatings in Alexandria handle vehicular traffic with ease and resist gas, oil, and other liquids that would stain an untreated driveway.
Walkway and Patio Coatings
Walkway and Patio Coatings
Patios and walkways may not experience the same wear-and-tear as concrete driveways but they can certainly become an eyesore over time. Concrete will crack, stain, and begin to show its age after just a few years. Given the popularity of outdoor living spaces in Alexandria, VA, more homeowners and business owners are now interested in beautifying and protecting their concrete patios and walkways.
Decorative concrete coatings in Alexandria can make your walkways look like new again while adding a protective surface that protects the underlying concrete. Decorative concrete coatings can transform an outdoor space into a beautiful retreat and achieve any look, including tile, slate, brick, and pavers. Our Alexandria concrete coatings also improve the stain and slip resistance of your concrete for a long-lasting finish and safety.
Pool Deck Coatings
Pool Deck Coatings
A pool deck should be the perfect combination of safety and beauty. If your concrete pool deck is showing its age, losing color, or you want to protect your investment and extend the life of the pool deck, a concrete pool deck coating can be a wise decision.
We offer a range of concrete coatings in Alexandria, VA to improve slip resistance, create a comfortable and cool walking surface, and add new color and texture to your pool deck.
Have questions about concrete epoxy coatings? Not sure if it’s the right choice for your home or business? Here are some frequently asked questions, but we are just a call away to address any concerns you have.
How long can a concrete epoxy floor coating last?
The lifespan of a concrete epoxy coating will depend on many factors, including how well the surface is prepared, the quality of the epoxy, how well the epoxy is installed, and the wear and hazards the epoxy floor faces.
As a general rule, a concrete floor coating can easily last 10-20 years or even longer with very minimal care. When the epoxy begins to wear out, we can apply a new coating to fully restore your floor.
Do you provide free estimates for concrete coatings?
Yes, we do! Whether you want to update your pool deck, transform and protect a driveway or patio, or install a concrete epoxy coating in your basement or garage, give us a call. We offer free estimates for all concrete coating projects in Alexandria.
How long have you been doing concrete coatings?
We have served the Alexandria area for decades with high-quality and reliable concrete coating service. Our licensed contractors have experience and training in working with a wide variety of concrete coating products for superior results you can count on.