What is it?
Epoxy Flooring System is a mixture of resin, a naturally occuring substance insoluble in water exuded by different plants, and hardeners which come together to create a long lasting floor.
Unlike any other forms of flooring, epoxy flooring is wear/tear, chemical, scratch, and pollutant resistant. Because of the floors’ immunity to cracking under pressure (almost literally) it is the best bang for the buck. The lifespan of epoxy allows for minimal maintenance, high usage, and zero damage from the natural elements of its surrounding.
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    Why use it?
    Decorative Concrete Overlays
    Epoxy Flooring offers the look any business, owner, or group has envisioned. Red, white, blue, checkered, you name it, floors can be installed quickly and efficiently. Give your floor the look you foresee without hassle or delay.
    Commercial epoxy floor contractors know the necessity for a unique and eye catching entrance, floor, back room, etc; therefore, they will make your vision come to life. Unlike simply designing an image with glass, paint, or removable art, epoxy contractors will install flooring that captures your vision for years to come without having to constantly replace and repair it.
    Interior Concrete Flooring
    Durability & Cost Effective
    Commercial epoxy concrete floors are created to last up to 20 years, consequently, they are not only long lasting but also protect themselves from wear/tear making them extremely cost effective. Concrete epoxy floor coating creates a strong and resilient environment where the floors are smooth as well as abrasion and chemical resistant. However, guaranteeing these features is determined by experienced and dedicated contractors.
    It is imperative to locate and hire a competent company who knows how to install the flooring system properly. In the long run, this solidifies the durability and cost effectiveness of epoxy flooring. When done correctly businesses spend less time having to replace flooring, checking for mold, or deep cleaning because epoxy flooring installers are top of the line. Due to the durability of epoxy, the floors are easy to maintain and deep cleaning is encouraged only on rare occasions.